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Trinity College (Dublin) Association

Founded in 1970 "to promote good fellowship among Trinity men and women in London and the Home Counties and to keep in touch with the life of the University".   The Committee, all graduates, and of all ages, organises an eclectic, fun and full schedule of activities for its hundreds of members, culminating in a traditional, annual Carol Service.

Since 2018, for example, we have arranged regular, private tours to Sotheby’s auctionhouse; Yeats and Wilde- themed London walks; Private visits to e.g. Spitalfields’ ‘Living Museum’; Wine Tastings; Rugby- themed Pub gatherings and Summer Picnics in Hyde Park and Clapham Common.  

We also co-host bi-annually the much celebrated Joint Dinner with the TCD Dining Club. Our 2019 star guest speaker was U2’s former manager, Paul McGuinness at The Cavalry & Guards’ Club. 

TCDA life membership costs £25.00



TCDA members also enjoy special rates at Soho’s Union Club

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